PCIe Gen3 x16 FLEX gateway to connect up to 8 modules

The DELTA-gwy 316-8 is the gateway of DELTACAST’s revolutionary FLEX solution answering the questions of flexibility, high density and scalability. This is an 8-port low-profile, half-length PCI Express Gen3 x16 card.
The DELTA-gwy 316-8 supports up to eight different and independent FLEX modules, allowing to select your interfaces – SDI, HDMI, DisplayPort, or a mix of them – on the go, without touching your computer enclosure, just by connecting the FLEX modules (each module is an independent device that manages one or several video channels) to the DELTA-gwy 316-8 interface using specific cables. With 16-lane gen-3, the max performance will be 8x 4K60 or 32x 1080p60.

The FLEX products group is the ideal solution for high-density video applications, media servers, multiviewers, and many other products. 

The A-FLEX-GCH cable holder can be used to secure the FLEX cables.


Hardware features
Bus Interface PCIe Gen3 x16
Form Factor Low-profile, half-length PCIe
Connectors Custom Interface Connectors
Amount of FLEX modules supported 8

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