Virtual Production

Virtual Production with DELTACAST and Unreal Engine

Virtual production is a filming technique consisting in using LED displays to create a virtual set surrounding the actors. More immersive than the traditional green key, it allows better interaction between the actors and their environment, including realistic lighting and reflections directly from the LED panels.

Since its emergence during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual production pursues a growing adoption and revolutionizes the way films, television shows, and commercials are created.

To design these virtual sets, the industry wisely uses game engines for the live rendering of stunning photorealistic content projected onto the LED wall. The 3D environment must be calculated in real-time based on the on-set cameras tracking information, and projected onto the LED display with the lowest latency possible, to keep the background consistent with the camera movements.

Moving video in and out of gaming engines like Unreal Engine with minimal latency is the specialty of DELTACAST I/O cards and FLEX solution. All SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort card models can be used in Unreal Engine thanks to the free DELTACAST Media Plugin available onto the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

The DELTACAST portfolio offers a wide variety of I/O cards with multiple combinations of inputs and outputs. Choose the right model depending on your setup!

Here are a few examples :


If you want to discuss more in details your specific needs for virtual production, feel free to contact us for a chat!

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