The broadcast industry is about to operate a major transition, with the move away from baseband video to adopt IP-based video contribution workflows.

Addressing new standards at the soonest is a key element of DELTACAST strategy, and the objective is to provide customers with the smoothest transition from standard to standard, thanks to its unified VideoMasterHD SDK.

DELTACAST actively follows all active IP battle fronts and already owns solutions to address a number of use cases.

Discover the DELTACAST's solutions for IP workflow.






Since the early adoption of 4K, DELTACAST committed to follow the evolutions of the industry requirements, and to propose solutions accordingly, right at the time the market needed them.

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The FLEX family of products brings the market with a totally new level of video interfacing and offers extended perspectives in terms of density, scalability and flexibility.

This is a new form of video interface hardware based on a gateway PCI Express card and on external video modules.

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How to get more out of your infrastructure in IP and SDI?

DELTACAST has developed two solutions introducing a mezzanine compression. 

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A keyer allows real-time compositing of computer graphics over a live video feed.

With DELTACAST hardware keyer cards, it's possible to offload this costly operation on to the FPGA and save CPU cycles while minimizing the end-to-end latency, what is an important requirement.

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12G-SDI is a SDI signal running around 12 Gigabits per second.

This line rate fits the requirements of a UHD/4K transmission at 60 frames per second.

From a content point of view, a 12G-SDI signal is a single-wire multiplex of eight 148.5 MHz sources, meaning 8x HD-SDI, or 4x 3G-SDI.

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Ultimate Low Latency

The term 'latency' has several meanings depending on the field of application. 

Moreover, in a particular domain such as live TV coverage, requirements in terms of latency largely vary with applications’ purpose and with their context of execution.

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