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Giving as much details as possible helps our technicians to quickly find the causes of the reported problems, as well as our development team to keep the quality level of our product.

We respect your desire for privacy. Information you submit will be for the exclusive use of DELTACAST and will not be shared with or given to any other company or third party.

Once this information has been received and your RMA approved, the DELTACAST team will contact you with the RMA number and get you the further details within a short delay - normally maximum within one working day. 

This RMA service does not include the transport costs.

At DELTACAST, the high-quality of our products is an integral part of our philosophy, and we offer 3 Year Warrant from delivery date with exclusion of moving parts such as fan, modules, cables, connectors, fuses, batteries…which will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment.

Please note that DELTACAST is not responsible for free services during the warranty period under the following conditions :

  • Incorrect signal or voltage applied to the device
  • Fire, natural disasters
  • Repair temptatives or hardware modifications executed by non Deltacast approved agent
  • Damage caused by third party products
  • Damage caused by improper use
  • Use outside of documented operating conditions

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(1) the product serial number is of the form SNxxx/yyy/bb/v.v/nnn or DCxxx-nnnnn Vv.vv or 0xABCDABCDABCDABCD or 0xABCDABCDABCDABCDABCDABCD, and is located on a sticker located on the rear side of the product. If the product includes more than one sticker, please preferably use the one located on the heatsink when present. Note that it is allowed to add several serial numbers to a RMA, only when they concern the same product type and the same problem type. In other cases, please file separate requests for each product type and/or each problem type.
(2) Motherboard brand and model, CPU type, amount of RAM, operating system. For a simple return, please click on not applicable