E-EDID Editor

E-EDID Editor

E-EDID Editor

EDID authoring application

The DELTACAST E-EDID Editor is a free Windows application for reading, writing and editing EDID files.

The EDID Editor is the ideal tool for authoring custom EDID to insure interoperability between sources and reception devices in non-standard use cases, and/or to build static setups with predictable connection behavior. Edit the EDID of any display, or of DELTACAST I/O cards, HDMI frame grabbers and FLEX HDMI and Displayport modules !

Features :

  • Representation of the EDID data in text fields and in a Hexadecimal Viewer
  • EDID loading from the Windows Registry
  • EDID loading to any DELTACAST DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort capture device
  • Phoenix Format import/export
  • EDID V1.3 and V1.4 support with switching to each other
  • Support for various CEA Timing Extensions, compliant with CEA 861-F, 861-G and 861-H

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