Easy-to-use cross-platform record and playback application

This free application allows you to capture, preview and play back video and audio content though DELTACAST I/O cards. dREC captures video to uncompressed AVI/MOV files, these files can then be used in your favorite NLE or video compositing software. The Playback module lets you then play back captured media files to SDI output. The application features essential video playback controls – pause, seek and loop – to ease navigation and video check operations.

That simple-to-use application also offers you an appropriate test bed for your DELTACAST cards, as well as an efficient development tool as it can be used as a video monitor and as a video server. 

The dREC user interface is based on two main modules:

  • Record to preview and capture live video signals thanks to DELTACAST SDI and DVI cards
  • Playback to play back previously recorded AVI files to DELTACAST SDI outputs

dREC is designed with straightforward use in mind. Typical usage is as simple as select card, channel and file, and hit the record button. The application automatically detects video format and self adapts to it. Audio is handled when present, and just ignored otherwise

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