Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions to meet your specific needs

Our products are flexible OEM building blocks that can be easily integrated into a plethora of video applications.

By incorporating these building blocks with our experience in high-performing digital technologies, DELTACAST has the unique opportunity of being able to supply equipment for custom requirements to the broadcast market. Please give us the opportunity to investigate your special needs and quote your application in the digital video domain.

In addition to designing and manufacturing custom products, we also offer contract design and development work to meet your product design brief.

Having in-house design and development engineers with ranging disciplines, together with many years of experience gives us distinct advantages in this field.


Hardware features
Bus Interface Custom
Form Factor Custom
Connectors Custom
Sync Input Custom
Serial numbering Custom
LTC Input Custom
Hardware Processing
Video Signal Modes Custom
Scalers Custom
CSC Custom
Video Interfaces
Video Interfaces Custom
Video Formats Custom
Audio formats Custom
Ancillary data Custom

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We are always improving the quality and reliability of our products and feedback from users is important in continuing development process.

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