Mixed Interface Cards (SDI/HDMI/ASI)

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Input/Output/Configurable channels Sync input Loopback Max bitrate Ultimate low
DELTA-12G11-hmi11-e-key DELTA-12G11-hmi11-e-key Mixed SDI/HDMI single keyer card
Input : 2
Output : 2
Input CSC
Output CSC
DELTA-12G2c-hmi10-elp DELTA-12G2c-hmi10-elp Mixed 12G SDI and HDMI 2.0b UHD capture and playout card
Input : 1
Configurable : 4
Input CSC
Output CSC
DELTA-12G2c-asi8c-elp-h DELTA-12G2c-asi8c-elp-h Compact versatile dual channel 12G SDI or 8 channel 3G SDI / DVB ASI card
Configurable : 8 214Mbps
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