R1U height 19-inch rack

The FLEX-R1U is a 1RU height 19-inch rack enclosure, for neat system integration.

FLEX-R1U can host up to 8x HDMI or DisplayPort modules, 4x SDI modules or a mix of different modules. Each FLEX module inside FLEX-1RU is connected with an individual cable to ports of the DELTA-gwy gateway card. In this FLEX-R1U the video input and output ports can be assembled in the most appropriate way according to your solution, and several modules can be assembled together in this 19-inch rack unit for fixed installations.


Hardware features
Form Factor 1RU height 19-inch rack
Amount of FLEX modules supported Up to 8x HDMI or DISPLAY PORT modules; Up to 4x SDI 4-ch modules, or a mix of different modules.
Miscellaneous 2 active fans in the FLEX-R1U for optimal performance of the modules
Fan power supply External AC/DC adapter; 5V, screw locking jack; fan power only

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