NVIDIA Holoscan

NVIDIA Holoscan

NVIDIA Holoscan

Video interfacing for AI sensor processing platforms

Open-source GXF codelets and C++ operators for the NVIDIA Holoscan ecosystem, tailored for AI-powered medical devices and industrial vision applications.

Relying on VideoMaster Linux SDK to integrate the DELTACAST video board and FLEX modules in the NVidia Holoscan environment (both arm-based or x86-based), the DELTACAST GXF codelets and C++ operators are hosted on NVIDIA GitHub repository at : 




Key features
Supported devices All DELTACAST SDI and HDMI cards
FLEX family
GXF Codelets Inlet (capture)
Outlet (playout)
Hardware feature support Onboard video keyer / mixer
Active and passive bypass failover
Onboard colorspace conversion
RDMA video transfers Supported (peer-to-peer video exchange between the I/O card and the dGPU)
Video resolution From SD to 4K and 8K, depending on the I/O card
Platform x86_64 PC computers running Linux
arm computers (typically Jetson-based, and specifically NVidia Holoscan IGX)

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