Converting SDI to and from ST 2110? DELTACAST Is There to Help!

Converting SDI to and from ST 2110? DELTACAST Is There to Help!

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Are you capturing traditional SDI signals and in need of converting them to the ST2110 standard?

Or do you have incoming ST2110 streams that require conversion to SDI?

Are you willing to design such a conversion appliance?


In today's SDI/ST2110 hybrid workflows, optimizing the routing of SDI input and output channels to the ST2110 Video over IP network is crucial.


DELTACAST offers an ideal solution for multichannel SDI to IP conversions with its DELTA-12G-elp-h 4C card. With high density and versatility, this card is the ideal choice in the DELTACAST I/O ecosystem for designing an IP to baseband converter (and vice versa).


Discover the features that set it apart:


  • Versatility: each of the eight SDI ports can function as either an input or an output.
  • Scalability: the card supports video standards from SD to 4K. Additionally, four of the eight channels can run at up to 12G SDI, carrying a 4K feed each or teaming together to transport an 8K image.


The DELTA-12G-elp-h 4C has been on the market for years and is widely adopted in various sectors. Whether in broadcasting, virtual productions, or industrial environments, DELTA-12G-elp-h 4C has already proven its worth in terms of reliability, scalability, and performance.


By the way, did you know that beyond offering a wide portfolio of I/O cards for SDI, HDMI, DP, ASI, and IP, DELTACAST also provides software solutions for ST2110 and IPMX interfacing through its IP Virtual Card?


For more details or to discuss your specific needs, feel free to contact us.