SUCCESS STORY - From the Marvel Franchise to Barbie: DELTACAST and QTAKE Provide High-Quality Real-Time Video Assist for the Filmmaking Industry

SUCCESS STORY - From the Marvel Franchise to Barbie: DELTACAST and QTAKE Provide High-Quality Real-Time Video Assist for the Filmmaking Industry

Thursday, September 14, 2023

QTAKE, an advanced software application, has revolutionized video assist for the filmmaking industry. Developed by IN2CORE, this solution has become essential part of the “video village” for many large-scale films and commercial productions, providing local service as well as cloud synchronization of film units shooting simultaneously on multiple locations.



Where Real-time and Reliability Matter

Video assist is an essential component of modern filmmaking and television production. It involves recording, playback, streaming, editing, and processing video output from various cameras. All video assist operators know how frustrating it is to wait for the camera to cut to provide playback. Not anymore! With QTAKE’s instant playback feature, video assist operators can start playback as soon as the director requests it, even if the camera is still rolling.



Full SDI Ancillary Data Support

Full SDI ancillary data support is crucial in cinematic production and professional broadcasting. It encompasses information like timecode, subtitles, metadata, and other vital data that accompanies the main video signal.

This information is crucial for precise synchronization, accessibility, and metadata management, especially for VFX work, which relies heavily on camera and lens metadata.

DELTACAST cards support full ancillary data (both horizontal and vertical), which is why IN2CORE has chosen to integrate them into its QTAKE solution.


Maximizing Efficiency

Integrated DELTACAST cards with QTAKE benefit from 4 independent channels. This independence allows each channel to have its own timecode and capture format. This enables, for instance, simultaneous capture of multiple video sources on one card, which is crucial for recording different camera angles or stereoscopic shots during a film shoot.


Premium Support for Developers

One of the major advantages of DELTACAST cards is their common Software Development Kit (SDK). This SDK is praised by developers for its ease of use and comprehensive documentation. It greatly facilitated the integration of DELTACAST cards into the QTAKE application, enabling IN2CORE to create a cutting-edge video assist solution. "The relationship with DELTACAST is very open and oriented toward solutions," said Vlado Struhar, Product Designer of the QTAKE ecosystem. "We have easy access to their support." 

Thanks to the integration of DELTACAST cards, QTAKE addressed one of the most pressing challenges in the video assist industry. Filmmaking and television production professionals now have a powerful solution for real-time capturing and processing ultra-high-definition videos at high frame rates and high dynamic range. This has significantly improved the quality and efficiency of on-location and studio production.

In conclusion, DELTACAST video solutions have overcome a major limitation in the video industry. Thanks to this innovative solution, QTAKE has become an essential tool for audiovisual production professionals, opening up new creative possibilities while ensuring exceptional video quality.


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