PRESS RELEASE - DELTACAST Introduces the Industry's First 8K SDI I/O Low-profile Card Equipped With Reliable BNC Connectors

PRESS RELEASE - DELTACAST Introduces the Industry's First 8K SDI I/O Low-profile Card Equipped With Reliable BNC Connectors

Sunday, September 17th, 2023

DELTA-12G-elp 4C provides broadcast OEMs and developers with the capability of utilizing 4 channels of reconfigurable SDI I/Os, supporting up to 12G for HD, 4K/UHD, and 8K workflows.



ANS, Belgium – September 17th, 2023 – DELTACAST unveils the latest addition to its range of I/O cards, the DELTA-12G-elp 4C. This card offers 4 fully reconfigurable 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD SDI inputs/outputs. It is equipped with sturdy BNC connectors and a low-profile form factor, and is capable of supporting any resolution up to 8K60. In addition to the traditional YCbCr pixel format commonly used in TV broadcasting, the DELTA-12G-elp 4C also provides support for RGB 4:4:4 formats in 10 and 12 bits for full color depth.


Compact Robust, 8K

The DELTA-12G-elp 4C is a streamlined and compact SDI card with a versatile set of features. Designed with high-performance live video applications in mind, this card boasts a half-length, low-profile form factor, with passive heatsink and BNC connectors for optimal robustness. Equipped with 4x 12G-SDI bi-directional channels, this I/O card offers remarkable flexibility. These interfaces can operate individually, facilitating the capture and playback of video up to 4K60. Alternatively, they can be combined to handle 8K60 video using either square division or 2-sample interleave methods. The DELTA-12G-elp 4C's specialized design allows it to excel in demanding scenarios involving uncompressed video formats. This is made possible by a range of hardware features, including CPU off-loading, Ultimate Low Latency, RDMA, advanced packing techniques, proxy scalers, support for HDR formats, SDI signal error diagnostics, and comprehensive audio and metadata extraction and embedding capabilities.


Unified SDK for developers

The entire range of DELTACAST cards comes with a unified SDK compatible with Linux, Windows, macOS operating systems, and runs on X86-64 or ARM platforms: the VideoMaster SDK. This SDK offers developers 100% control to accelerate the development of live video applications. The new DELTA-12G-elp 4C follows suit, delivering the reliability and flexibility needed for the most demanding live video capture and playout applications. As Steven Deschuyteneer, DELTACAST’s Worldwide Sales Director, said: ”With up to 4 configurable 12G SDI I/Os, including RGB 4:4:4 support for high color definition, the DELTA-12G-elp 4C redefines possibilities. By reliably achieving 8K resolutions, this card enables customers to broadcast content without latency or loss of quality."



The DELTA-12G-elp 4C can be ordered right now. Contact us to reserve your card.



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