NVIDIA Holoscan and DELTACAST video solutions - Your AI-enabler

NVIDIA Holoscan and DELTACAST video solutions - Your AI-enabler

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Are you facing the common challenges that come with real-time AI computing and handling large quantities of data with power-hungry inference engines?


We have the perfect solution for you.


To cope with growing AI computing needs, NVIDIA has developed Holoscan, a fully accelerated platform for real-time AI data processing.

DELTACAST, as a NVIDIA partner, offers high-performing video cards for live video capture and streaming as well as a smooth integration with Holoscan. 

Thanks to unique video features such an automatic failover or live AI-generated video overlays, DELTACAST video cards and NVIDIA Holoscan jointly offer the most robust and effective hardware platform solution dedicated to your AI video pipelines.

Take the next step with DELTACAST video cards in the NVIDIA Holoscan environment. This way we let you focus on your core AI competencies.


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