Designed for high-reliability and high-performance applications: DELTA-12G-elp-key 11

Designed for high-reliability and high-performance applications: DELTA-12G-elp-key 11

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Introducing the DELTA-12G-elp-key 11, the perfect high-performance video processing I/O card for those looking to take their video processing to the next level. Whether you need to handle SD to 4K60 video formats, low-latency SDI input and output capabilities, or overlay mixing capabilities, the DELTA-12G-elp-key 11 has got you covered.

This top-of-the-line video card features a hardware 10-bit video keyer that seamlessly blends live computer graphics overlays with SDI video feeds in real-time. This makes it perfect for a wide range of on-the-fly video processing applications. Plus, it boasts the reliability and performance of DELTACAST products, with passive or active bypass solutions that automatically connect the input to the output to prevent signal interruptions in case of power outages, system crashes, or other technical issues.

If your video processing is AI-based and running on NVidia GPUs, or if you're using a Jetson arm platform, the DELTA-12G-elp-key 11 is the perfect fit for you. And thanks to the integration with VideoMaster SDK, it's compatible with Windows and Linux x86-64 computers, Mac platforms, and NVidia Jetson embedded computers.

The VideoMaster SDK offers an optimized and shortened video path between the DELTA-12G-elp-key 11 and the GPU, thanks to support for NVidia GPUDirect RDMA, a peer-to-peer transfer technology that moves data in and out of the GPU without needing an intermediate copy in the host computer memory, ensuring low-latency feeding for AI processes.

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