Who's behind the screen?

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 - Who's behind the screen?

The communication possibilities have never been as numerous as they are today.

Technology is on the rise and you've probably never tested so many communication tools before.

Teams, Skype, Zoom, Webex, Hangouts, Slack, Uberconference ... are all tools that make new ways of communication possible.

It’s true that from our side, we largely prefer the personal face-to-face meetups, either in your or our premises, or at the trade shows such as IBC, NAB, ISE, INFOCOMM …

With the current situation, these times have changed.

What if we took the opportunity to lift up our usual communication?

What if we can meet up face to face with some technology in between us via all these new communication tools?

We are all sad of what is happening today and let’s take it as a positive change to see each other in a secure environment via your preferred communication tool.

We are all available to talk to you about questions you might have, whether they are related to technical topics, orders, logistics… no question gets unanswered.

Our front-end team under the spotlight

Now feel free to reach out to us directly and let’s make these static images here below, face-to-face video content.

Inside the DELTACAST power: our product experts

Note that for usual business it is recommended to use the usual generic addresses: orders@deltacast.tv ( for immediate assistance of purchase orders) and support@deltacast.tv (for technical questions).