DELTACAST announces the DELTA-12G-e-h 2i1c new high- density versatile I/O card

Thursday, October 15, 2020 - DELTACAST announces the DELTA-12G-e-h 2i1c new high- density versatile I/O card

Since 2012, some of the most successful DELTACAST products have been high-density cards, providing up to eight 3G-SDI channels, with some of them also supporting 12G-SDI on the latest products.

Upon request of several high-density customers, DELTACAST worked on a new hardware layout raising the number of video channels up to 12 while keeping a very effective solution in terms of size, complexity, power consumption and heat dissipation.

Still condensed to a standard height, shorter than half-length, PCI Express form factor and concentrating all its data traffic on a PCIe Gen 3 x8 interface to maximize platform interoperability, this new interface card hosts not less than twelve SDI ports plus an analog reference (genlock/LTC) input and an analog genlock loop/output on its standard-height bracket.

These 12 SDI ports fully support 3G-SDI operation, and 3 of them are even upgraded to 6G and 12G-SDI. 

The DELTA-12G-e-h 2i1c is the first available configuration on this new hardware layout.

This product features 8 fixed input channels,with 2 of them being 12G-SDI, and 4 channels that can be freely used as input or output – with 1 of them being 12G-SDI.

That mix of inputs and configurable channels, as well as of HD (3G-SDI) and UHD/4K (12G-SDI) channels, makes DELTA-12G-e-h 2i1c the ideal match for many applications like multi-camera systems (analysis, compliance recording, video encoding, media servers), high-density production & replay video servers, multiviewers and video switchers.

The DELTA-12G-e-h 2i1c allows reaching new channels densities in HD formats.

Moreover, this new I/O board allows to port your product from HD to UHD even in multi-link 3G-SDI transport while keeping a low design complexity, low power consumption and a cost-effective solution, as relying on a single interface card.

Imagine a single card letting you deal with:

  • 12 HD inputs
  • 1 UHD input and 10 HD inputs
  • 8 HD inputs and 4 outputs
  • 3 UHD inputs
  • 2 UHD inputs and 1 UHD output
  • 1 UHD input and 6 HD inputs, plus 1 UHD output and 2 HD outputs
  • Or many other layouts and combinations of HD and UHD channels.

Integrating existing applications with this new interface card is straightforward, thanks to the VideoMaster SDK offering a unified programming interface for all the DELTACAST SDI products.

VideoMaster 6.16 introduces official support for this new card, which is equipped with a feature pack similar to the other DELTACAST SDI products.

Future SDK versions will add new and unprecedented features, so stay tuned and, above all, do not hesitate to let us know if you have specific wishes or if you need a different 12-channel configuration. DELTACAST can make your dreams come true!

Most eager customers already ordered and received their first units of the DELTA-12G-e-h 2i1c. Contact us to get yours!