ISO 9001 Certification Announcement

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - ISO 9001 Certification Announcement

DELTACAST is engaged in a continuous certification process

Customer satisfaction has always been a priority at DELTACAST.

From year to year, we have improved our quality policy to serve our customers at the best, with reliable and performing products, with optimized delivery times and with a very efficient customer support activity.

It was thus natural for DELTACAST to move towards quality certification and we are pleased to announce that we are now ISO9001:2015 certified. 

 “This label perfectly reflects DELTACAST's ambition to fully satisfy its customers by offering them high level support, product excellence, attentive listening and proactive communication”, says Christian  Dutilleux, CEO. “The certification process has been straightforward, which shows that we have suitable procedures from years, but has also been the source for a series of valuable enhancements”.

 In the future, DELTACAST will perform regular audits to assess customer satisfaction and to identify initiatives for continued improvement.