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LabMU is the Digital TV Laboratory for managing and generating REAL Transport Streams. It allows the users to access all common operations needed in any Digital TV working environment: tuning DVB-T services, getting Transport Stream from DVB-ASI inputs, reading Transport Streams from Files, managing MPEG2 Program Streams, capturing Transport Streams, Demodulating, Transmodulating, Transport Stream Analysis, RF analysis, Audio and Video Streaming from any source, MHP carousel Generation, COFDM Modulation, DVB-ASI outputs, and specially Multiplexing and SI/PSI edition. All these operations are supported by a unique graphical and visual environment, and best of all, in a seamless full SIMULTANEOUS MULTIUSER mode, which would allow all users accessing the simultaneous operation of the system with no limitations. The system is designed as a Client/Server product, and it even allows operation from remote locations.

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