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VYV Photon
Product description :

VYV Photon is the ultimate media server solution for live events, shows, multimedia presentations, immersive experiences and permanent installations that need out of the ordinary video experience and real-time control. With Photon everything happens in real-time, no rendering time, only the result! Characteristics: - 3D Visualization - Realtime - Fully expandable - Up to 6 Mega-Pixels Uncompressed Video Playback per server - 3D warping and projector edge blending - Transparent network control - Frame accurate synchronization - Timeline based programming - Up to 4x Live inputs (2x HD-SDI, 4x SDI or 2x DVI, depending on the installed input board) - Real-time Interactive Effects VYV Photon media server allows for uncompressed video playback at tremendous resolutions, displaying video using multiple projectors with handling 3D warping and edge-blending for a seamless result. The timeline based interface makes it simple to use and all parameters can be slaved to external controls (UDP, Art-Net, MIDI, SMPTE Time-Code). Each server has multiple DVI outputs, which makes the solution very cost effective: 1x for the preview and control, plus 3x DVI 720p60 or 2x DVI 1080p60.

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