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AutoVOZ is a high quality Spanish language service for use with both live and pre-recorded programming. AutoVOZ will turn any English captions into high quality Spanish Captions and Spanish Voice. It will also solve the problem of delayed captions by “synching” ALL of the English captions, Spanish captions, English Voice and Spanish voice with the video. Whatever programming you are creating or airing, AutoVOZ can provide in-synch natural sounding Spanish voice with the Spanish Captions to reach your Hispanic viewers in the language they prefer to use. Using Deltacast’s SDI/HD product assures the continuity of the video format as the AutoVOZ functions are added to the broadcast. TranslateTV has spent years developing a reliable Spanish text service used on both national network and local news programming. TranslateTV has merged it’s patented, high-quality translation technology with world class text-to-speech technology to bring AutoVOZ to the US TV market. TranslateTVTM Captions have been seen on The Tonight Show since 2003.

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