Avalpa Digital Engineering

Product name :
OpenCaster, a software tool-chain for DVB data transmission
Product description :

OpenCaster is a highly reliable, fully configurable, highly efficient server solution for broadcasting data on DVB networks: mainly EPG, MHP, Datacasting and many other standards like MHEG, HBBTV, Ginga-J Here's what you can do with OpenCaster, the straight list: - create PSI/SI tables - play out seamlessly every kind of file (data, audio & video when properly encoded) - manipulate real time TS stored on hard disk - transform filesystems in DSMCC carousels (MHP, MHEG, OTA) - generate many other data streams carried on a TS; almost everything but audio and video - multiplex constant bit rate transport (CBR) multimedia streams - restamp PCR, PTS & DTS OpenCaster licence is open source. You can get it freely at Avalpa web site with a carefully written manual. Avalpa business model is about: - consultancy and training services - setup and installation of highly available servers - mainteinance and customization of solutions based on OpenCaster

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