1080dots Digital Signage

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1080dots DS Player series
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For designers, system integrators and (web)developers. 1080dots software is designed as XML Open components ideal for creating flexible Digital Signage networks for any application. Characteristics: - Truly XML Open Digital Signage Player. - Separate content from design. - Design multizone templates in Adobe® Photoshop®. - Delivers broadcast quality. - Flexible for many applications. - Easy to use and very affordable. DS Player 1080dots DS Player lets you compile and play high-impact rich-media messages for many DS applications. Your designers don’t need to learn any new design tool. Use Adobe® Photoshop® to create and design dynamic reusable 1080dots Digital Signage templates. DS Player+ The network-enabled XML open Digital Signage Player. It has the same features as DS Player but with additional network functionality. DS Online The online Content Management System for controlling 1080dots DS Player+ networks anywhere in the world. 1080dots

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