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IP Virtual Card software framework for ST2110 video streaming

The broadcast industry lives a major transition, with the move away from baseband video to adopt IP-based video contribution workflows.
This move is linked to a transition to IT-centric infrastructures, with the goal of optimizing broadcast infrastructures and production costs. It implies using traditional IT equipment and computer-based solutions where dedicated electronics was needed before.

Besides the well-known VideoMaster SDK dealing with the DELTACAST I/O cards and FLEX products, the DELTACAST portfolio now includes a new SDK (Software Development Kit) component called the IP Virtual Card, offering a new programming interface named VideoMasterIP.

The IP Virtual Card is a new video and multimedia programming interface allowing the use of 3rd-party computer network cards to capture and stream out video just like you are used to do over any DELTACAST card.

Designed from the ground up to allow high-performances multimedia capture and streaming using an off-the-shelf network card, the first version of the IP Virtual Card targets ST2110 connectivity.

The IP Virtual Card brings in support for video transport as per ST2110-20, audio transport as per ST2110-30, and ancillary data transport as per ST2110-40. It also includes a PTP synchronization solution compliant to ST2059. Thanks to an optimized network stack, the IP Virtual Card insures accurate, PTP locked, media streams compliant to ST2110-21 Type W senders, and it allows implementing ST2110-21 Type A receivers.

The IP Virtual Card implements an optimized network stack based on the operating system sockets, so that it is compatible with any NIC brand and model, and so that it can be used under Windows and Linux, and also targeting virtualization environments and execution in containers. For most demanding applications, the IP Virtual Card also exists in a version based on the popular DPDK kernel bypass currently available for Linux.

Using the IP Virtual Card features requires installing a license. Please contact us for further details about this.

More details about the IP Virtual Card features and capabilities can be found on the VideoMasterIP SDK product page.