DELTA-asi-elp 40

DELTA-asi-elp 40

DELTA-asi-elp 40

Compact 4-channel ASI capture card

Ideal solution for multi-channel capture applications requiring up to four independent DVB-ASI inputs on a very compact form factor. The DELTA-asi-elp 40 card proved its robustness for years. With minimal power consumption, it is tailored for industrial applications where reliability is not an option.

4-input channel product on low-profile PCIe card, bitrate up to 213,72 Mbps on each port


  • LOW-
  • BNC Con.
  • PCIe 2


Hardware features
Bus Interface PCIe Gen2 x4
Form Factor Low-profile, half-length PCIe
Connectors BNC
Sync Input No
Serial numbering 64-bit unique ID per card
LTC Input /
Hardware Processing
Video Signal Modes DVB-ASI Transport Stream (MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC/H.265 or JPEG2000 compliant transport stream)
Scalers /
Video Interfaces
Video Interfaces DVB-ASI at 270Mb/s (CENELEC/DVB standard EN50083-9). 75 Ohm interface.
Video Formats TS-ASI (Transport Stream over ASI). Max bitrate of 213,72 Mbps per channel.
Audio formats TS-ASI
Ancillary data TS-ASI

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