DELTA-12G-elp-h 1C is available today!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - DELTA-12G-elp-h 1C is available today!

DELTACAST’s 12G SDI products announced at NAB 2018 are available for sale today!

Broadcast production constantly evolves to provide a richer experience thanks to larger resolutions, higher frame rates and deeper colors.

The immediate consequence of this evolution is the need for more bandwidth : while a HD video feed requires a single 3Gbps cable, the equivalent in UHD requests four times more.

To cope with that, preliminary UHD workflows were built by aggregating four HD quadrants carried on by separate 3G-SDI cables. Later on, SMPTE published two standards – ST425-3 and ST425-5 – defining a more suitable way of transporting UHD video at respectively up to 30 and up to 60 frames per second over a quad-link interface.

Nowadays, new SMPTE standards ST2081-1 (6G-SDI) and ST2082-1 (12G-SDI) allow reducing the infrastructures size and again using a single cable to carry on a video feed in formats up to UHD.

However, broadcasters who just achieved a major transition step to 1.5 or 3Gbps infrastructure might not be immediately reading adopting this ideal single-wire solution.

In this momentum, broadcast equipment manufacturers must offer the flexibility to support all types of interface – from 12Gbps down to 1.5Gbps and even sometimes 270Mbps. This ultimate flexibility is now possible thanks to the DELTA-12G-elp-h 1C.

The DELTA-12G-elp-h 1C offers a great versatility, as each of its four channels can be configured to be an input or an output, and supports line rates from 270Mbps up to 3Gbps. One of the four channels is tailored to also support 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI, so this card handles any known form of UHD content over SDI.

This new product is supported by the well-known VideoMaster SDK that also manages all the other DELTACAST PCI Express video cards, making this new solution accessible for all developers, and uniformly integrated with the other DELTACAST products.

The DELTACAST engineers already prepare the next set of products in this family. They will all be based on 8 SDI channels, with 2 of them supporting line rates up to 12G-SDI while the 6 other ones will go up to 3G-SDI. 

These 8-port products will be tailored for specific use cases:

  • A 8-input product, allowing ingesting up to two simultaneous UHD feeds either in 12G-SDI or in quad 3G-SDI
  • A 8-output product, allowing streaming out up to two simultaneous UHD feeds either in 12G-SDI or in quad 3G-SDI
  • A flexible product with four inputs and four channels whom direction can be configured at run time. Amongst many other use cases, this card supports two UHD in, or UHD in and out.
  • A fully configurable card where each channel can be individually configured as an input or as an output.

As they address different needs and use cases, these four configurations will be equipped with different sets of features. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss your specific needs!

Meanwhile, the DELTA-12G-elp-h 1C, presented at NAB 2018, is now shipping. If not already done, don’t miss to order yours today!